Little Caesars in American Fork

An employee of Little Caesars in American Fork has been charged with sexually assaulting a coworker.

Juan Carlos Mojica-Gonzalez Accused of Sexually Assaulting Little Caesars Coworker

An employee of Little Caesars in American Fork has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a coworker in the parking lot of the business. 20-year-old Juan Carlos Mojica-Gonzalez has been charged with forcible sodomy, forcible sexual abuse, and assault.

According to the police, the alleged assault happened on October 12. The authorities say that a woman was working late at the Little Caesars in American Fork and left the restaurant to go to her car after her shift. Mojica-Gonzalez was reportedly waiting for her in the parking lot by her vehicle.

The charges state that the woman and Mojica-Gonzalez spoke briefly before he allegedly kissed her without warning. The woman told the police that she resisted and fought while Mojica-Gonzalez allegedly touched her inappropriately.

According to the police report, “(She) wrestled free from the defendant’s grip and jumped into her car. Defendant attempted to get in too.”

The charges say the woman fractured a finger during the alleged sexual assault.

Mojica-Gonzalez appeared in court last Wednesday, November 27. He was ordered held without bail.

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Legal Recourse For Victims of Workplace Sexual Assault

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