Global supermarket ALDI has recalled the Crofton Chef's Collection 6-Liter Pressure Cooker, saying a product defect may allow the cooker's lid to explode during use.

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After less than a month on the market, global supermarket retailer ALDI is recalling its Crofton Chef's Collection 6-Liter Pressure Cooker, citing a possible product defect that presents a risk of "scalding" to consumers. Recalled models can be identified by looking for "2017" embossed on the pressure cooker's base.

ALDI Recalls Pressure Cooker Over Defective Lid Lock

As ALDI explained in a recall announcement issued August 4, 2017, the pressure cooker's lid-locking mechanism may be defective, allowing the cooker's lid to detach during cooking. The risk to users should be obvious. Pressure cookers use concentrated steam to raise water temperatures far above the boiling point. If the lid comes off while this is happening, the cooker's contents can explode, covering consumers in scalding food, liquid and steam.

No injuries have been reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a federal agency tasked with monitoring consumer product defects.

Is My Pressure Cooker Included In The Recall?

The pressure cooker in question, available under the superstore's Crofton house-brand, was sold at ALDI stores worldwide between June 28 and July 21 of 2017. Consumers have been instructed to stop using the machine immediately. It can be returned to ALDI for a full refund.

Made from stainless steel, the machine bore the product code #50073 and reportedly sold for around $40, but is no longer available. The company's recall applies only to Crofton 6-L pressure cookers with "2017" printed on the device's base plate.

To locate this mark, simply turn the pressure cooker over. If your machine is included in the recall, you'll see "2017" embossed below the brand name CROFTON. Models without this "2017" mark are not affected.

ALDI Names H&H Asia Ltd. As Supplier

The pressure cooker, ALDI says, was supplied by H&H Asia Ltd., a company based in Shenzhen, a major Chinese city that has become a leading manufacturing hub north of Hong Kong. H&H Asia distributes housewares and kitchen appliances to customers in the United Kingdom, Australia and the US. Records held by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission register the Crofton pressure cooker recall under H&H Asia Ltd., rather than ALDI.

As a sourcing agent, it's unlikely that H&H Asia actually manufactured the Crofton Chef's Collection Pressure Cooker. More probably, ALDI contracted with H&H Asia to perform market research on Chinese manufacturers and find an appropriate producer. It's also possible that H&H Asia handled quality assurance for the recalled pressure cookers, but at this point, that's purely speculation.

ALDI Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuits

ALDI's pressure cooker recall is not yet listed on the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website. A cursory search of the federal agency's database, however, will reveal that dozens of consumers have reported severe burns in relation to other pressure cookers.

The Power Pressure Cooker XL, for example, has been linked to numerous injuries, as well as several product liability lawsuits. In at least two of these lawsuits, injured consumers have secured undisclosed financial settlements.

While no lawsuits have yet been filed over ALDI's Crofton pressure cooker, legal observers believe that consumers who suffered burns when their Chef's Collection 6-Liter cooker exploded may be eligible to secure financial compensation.

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