Location of Whataburger in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1 Employee Injured in Stabbing in Parking Lot of Albuquerque Whataburger.

Man Arrested For Stabbing In Parking Lot of Albuquerque Whataburger

A local news source, KRQE, reported that at around 8 a.m. on Tuesday, suspect Tracy Parks saw a Whataburger employee walking in the parking lot with a bag of cash in his hands. The employee was planning on depositing the cash at a nearby bank. Before the victim could get to his car, Tracy Parks attacked him and stabbed him in the neck. Parks was fighting to get a hold of the bag of cash, when another Whataburger employee intervened and tried to help separate the two men.

Eventually Parks stole a box cutter from the victim’s pocket and barricaded himself inside the Whataburger restroom. Albuquerque police and SWAT team tried to get Parks to reveal himself by using flash-bang grenades. After about three hours, Parks was successfully taken into custody by police.

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Justice For Parking Lot Stabbing Victims and Their Families

Attorney contributor Brian Kent at www.CrimeVictim.Attorney represents victims of violent crime in civil lawsuits.

“When patrons visit a restaurant and its parking lot, they should be kept safe from preventable dangers. All commercial property owners have a legal duty to keep their patrons and employees safe from any reasonably foreseeable crime. If a property owner fails to provide adequate security and a violent crime occurs on their property, the victims may have grounds for a lawsuit”, stated Mr. Kent.

“Establishing restaurant or parking lot owner negligence in stabbing cases is complex. In general, it must be proven that the stabbing was reasonably foreseeable and that it occurred due to inadequate security. For example, if a restaurant or parking lot had a history of other violent crimes and security measures were not improved, that stabbing may be considered reasonably foreseeable and the owner may be held liable”, Mr. Kent explained.

Location of Whataburger in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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