Addison, Wisconsin - Three Semi-Truck Crash Causes Multiple Injuries On I-41

Driver Of Semi-Truck Was Unable To Avoid Halted Traffic On Interstate 41

An automotive accident involving two semi-truck and a straight truck left all three drivers injured on Thursday, November 7th.

One of the semi-trucks, along with the straight truck, were headed southbound on I-41 just north of County Highway K when a traffic slowdown left them at a standstill. A third truck, also headed in the southbound direction, did not have a chance to stop and rear-ended the straight truck as well as the semi-truck in front of it.

The collision caused the straight truck to flip over on the side of the roadway, while the driver of the semi that crashed into the other two became trapped inside the cabin. The trapped driver was finally freed by emergency crews who employed specialized equipment to extricate him from the wreck.

The rescued driver, along with the driver of the first semi-truck, were transported by responders to Hartford Aurora Hospital for treatment; their injuries were reported as being non-life-threatening. The third driver involved suffered only minor injuries.

Authorities have not indicated if charges will be pressed, though alcohol and drugs were ruled out as factors of the potentially-fatal incident.

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“Auto accidents are the most common type of accident in the entire United States. This category involves car, motorcycle, and truck, among others. Of these, truck collisions tend to be the most severe as the sheer mass of these heavy vehicles can easily cause injuries and death.

Truck accidents can be the result of a wide variety of factors such as distracted drivers, cell phone use, driving under the influence, and improper maintenance. And even though insurance companies know how grave a truck accident injury can be, this does not make them any more willing to completely cover the damages resulting from them.

In fact, insurance companies often go out and hire experienced adjusters whose sole responsibilities include finding small details which will allow them to reduce the benefits that they have to provide. In other instances, these same nuances can allow them to cancel payouts completely.

But truck accident victims have a way of fighting back. Through a truck accident lawsuit, victims have the possibility of receiving a compensation which can cover medical expenses, emotional trauma, loss of income due to injury and more.

Most victims don’t consider a lawsuit as their first option, but if negligence was the cause of the collision and the ensuing injuries, then this legal proceeding can be the only way that a victim and their families can be made whole once more. Persons who have suffered injuries in a truck accident should consult with an experienced attorney who will be able to analyze their case and then fight aggressively for their right to compensation.”



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